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6 Apr , 2015  

Set on the cusp of colourful Bo-Kaap, Brundyn Gallery is an industrial space offering a platform to African contemporary art. On the outskirts of Cape Town’s bustling city centre, its simple design does what every art gallery should – complements and enhances the works, as opposed to distracting from it.

Founded in 2006, the gallery’s focus is on African art and art from the diaspora. In addition to international works, it places emphasis on artists closer to home: South Africans. Moreover, Brundyn also has a focus on video artworks. With a dedicated audio visual exhibition space, the realm of the digital can be tacitly evoked, transporting viewers into a new dimension and experience of art.

Brundyn 01

Brundyn 02

Brundyn 04

Brundyn 05

It’s a gallery that, in its quiet and still halls, makes the viewer experience art in a true and varied form. Whether you like the art or not, the artists exhibiting are in their own way contributing to what contemporary art in South Africa is and is becoming, and for that we support it.

Brundyn 06

Brundyn 07

Brundyn 08

Brundyn 09

Brundyn 11

Brundyn 12

Brundyn 13

Brundyn 14

Brundyn 15

Brundyn 16

Brundyn 17

Brundyn 18

Brundyn 20

Brundyn 22

Brundyn 23

Brundyn 24

Bernard Myburgh Words Lisa Wallace

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Brundyn Gallery

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Mon - Fri 9am-5pm / Sat 10am-2pm

ORO AFRICA Building (First Floor) , 170 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town