Paternoster Voorstrand

26 May , 2015  

On our recent visit to Paternoster, we arrived with a predominant intention: to discover the foodie hot spots that this sleepy fishing village is famous for. Apart from beautiful sunset beach walks, crayfish on the braai and an – interesting – draught of beer at the famous Panty Bar, we ate well and drank well and went to sleep full and happy.

The first on our list was Paternoster Voorstrand, a popular eatery that sits on the sand’s edge. Offering the freshest of fresh fish, a limited but local wine list (only of farm’s in the Darling and West Coast area) and the friendliest service, we ambled in at sundown ready for some seafood.

The space has a boathouse feel, with eclectic charm and a truly seaside feel. It’s an old fishermans house build out of wood and corrugated roofing. With views of the Paternoster beach, white houses popping up in the distance, children playing in the sand and families breaking bread together, there’s no fuss or fancy, just down-to-earth charm.

Voorstrandt Restaurant 01

Voorstrandt Restaurant 02

Voorstrandt Restaurant 03

Voorstrandt Restaurant 04

Voorstrandt Restaurant 05

Voorstrandt Restaurant 07

Voorstrandt Restaurant 08

What’s a seafood meal without mussels? Poached in white wine – West Coast style – ladled with garlic and butter and lapped up with bread, it’s a simple start but oh so yummy. The food is unpretentious and basic, there’s no fanciness here, just easy-going and relaxed. Just as Paternoster is.

Hake and calamari followed, fried with tar tar sauce and drenched in vinegar (our own doing). It’s a meal you may have at Ocean Basket, or anywhere really, but the setting and style of Paternoster Voorstrand is truly unique.

Voorstrandt Restaurant 09

Voorstrandt Restaurant 12

Voorstrandt Restaurant 13

Voorstrandt Restaurant 15

Voorstrandt Restaurant 16

Voorstrandt Restaurant 29

Voorstrandt Restaurant 34

Voorstrandt Restaurant 36

Voorstrandt Restaurant 37

If you do find yourself in Paternoster, we recommend you book at any establishment you wish to frequent. The Voorstrand is busy year round, and booking essential if you want a spot on the veranda in summer or the cosy interior in winter. The food is fresh you can both taste and smell the sea, and the views of the ocean and shoreline so breathtaking, it really makes you think, ‘I love South Africa’.

Voorstrandt Restaurant 19

Voorstrandt Restaurant 22

Voorstrandt Restaurant 25

Photography Bernard Myburgh Words Lisa Wallace

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  1. Paula says:

    It feels like winter this morning, but these photos just look like summer! I’d like to be there right now 🙂

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Paternoster Voorstrand

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10am to 10pm, daily

Strandloper Street, Paternoster, Western Cape