The Gin Bar

2 Apr , 2015  

Upon discovery of Inverroche I became a gin person.

As the spirit trends go, gin has been somewhat resurrected, and for good reason. It’s an age-old classic that’s seen a reinvention and people are flocking to it. Gin cocktails are so much more than dirty martinis these days, oh no, they’re an explosion of flavours that’ve become more of an art than the simple G&T sundowner. Even the garnishes are complementary, like chili, grapefruit or mango replacing a slice of lemon.

Few places in Cape Town make gin cocktails better than The Gin Bar in Wale Street. It’s an experience all its own. The menu is limited – choose from only four cocktails – but the quaint location and mix of flavours is what keeps people returning for more. Based on the notion of a vintage apothecary, the barman caters to your bodily ailments: head, heart, ambition and soul. You can of course opt for a standard G&T (choose your gin and favoured tonic water), but the cocktails are the drawcard.

The Gin Bar 05

The Gin Bar 06

The Gin Bar 07

The Gin Bar 08

The Gin Bar 10

The Gin Bar 11

Set in the courtyard behind Honest Chocolate Cafe, the bar is only open from 5 pm and if you didn’t know it existed, you’d miss it. The setting is so tranquil and lovely that you may just feel like you’re sipping a gin in Barcelona, or in a concealed courtyard in Rome. It really has a euro-centric vibe, coupled with twinkling fairy lights, an exposed brick wall and the cutest Juliet balcony you ever did see. I’d like to ponder on the meaning of life, while drinking my ‘heart’ and watching as dusk thickens into night. And yes, the heart is all about the Inverroche.

The Gin Bar 12

The Gin Bar 15

The Gin Bar 17

The Gin Bar 18

The Gin Bar 19

The Gin Bar 20


Photography Bernard Myburgh Words Lisa Wallace

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4 Responses

  1. Jenna says:

    Wow! incredible. Love it. Defo going to try it out. Far out does that “other” gin bar on Bree

  2. Steven says:

    Loved the bar decor, very intimate and small, and found the cocktail menu limiting, but good. I was disappointed however with the small selection of gins available. The “other” gin bar on Bree Street has something crazy like 100 gins from around the world, and some pretty interesting cocktails.

  3. Shante says:

    Love the photos guys – really stunning.

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The Gin Bar

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64A Wale Street, Cape Town