The Panty Bar

21 Apr , 2015  

A trip to Paternoster doesn’t count as a trip to Paternoster without a stop at The Panty Bar. The ceiling is strung from left to right in… well, panties. From full on briefs to skimpy, lacy g-strings, it’s optimal eye candy. Weird, right? But pretty darn funny.

On our recent trip to Paternoster, we gorged on seafood, imbibed fantastic wine, grabbed the sunset on the beach and drank beer at The Panty Bar. Located at The Paternoster Hotel, visitors can walk through its doors and be welcomed by a bar setting unlike you’ve experienced. With other – kinky – memorabilia hanging from its ceiling, it’s certainly not for sensitive (or younger) eyes. But we loved it.

The Panty Bar 03

The Panty Bar 04

The Panty Bar 05

The unique and infamous pub once served as a jail. Way back in 1974 Johan Carosini started the collection of ‘Honeymoon Panties’, but it had to be removed when a clergyman reported it to the police as an ‘unholy practice’. Giorello Carosini started collecting again in the nineties – the collection is now more interesting than ever and still flourishing.

Feel free to embrace risqué adventure and add to it (I didn’t quite have the courage). Cheers to the alternative!

The Panty Bar 08

The Panty Bar 09

The Panty Bar 11

The Panty Bar 12

The Panty Bar 13

The Panty Bar 16

The Panty Bar 17

The Panty Bar 18Photography Bernard Myburgh Words Lisa Wallace

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The Panty Bar

+27 22 752 2703

56 Saint Augustine Road, Paternoster